I am a self-taught multi-talented artist and I throw myself in to new ideas all the time.
It is macrofotografering I spend most time on. Therefore, I am often seen with the camera tucked into a new topic, which may be used in my photo collages.

I am often asked if the images I use in my collages are pictures photographed by me. They are :-)
I do not know a lot about cameras and or Photoshop. In turn, my pictures are cropped hard and unconventional, so it's almost impossible to recognize the images. I have special attention to details and color combinations and this is what makes my photos unique.

I create both commissioned work and own compositions which I exhibit and sell.

It is not so easy to reproduce images and collages on a website, so feel free to visit my gallery and workshop in my home.

Contact me at +45 20 32 06 64 or metterunge22@gmail.com

Have fun in my pictorial universe.

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